Dorianne Daniels is a sound therapist trained in the Soul Voice® method founded by Karina Schelde. All the services that Mukulu's Song offers provide support to people from all walks of life and all abilities and is an excellent complimentary therapy. Services assist and aid in the relief of: 
  • ​Stress

  • Fatigue

  • Creative block 

  • Addictions

  • Emotional regulation

  • Dis-ease

  • Personal development

Soul Voice® allows you to draw from your inner resources by engaging your body and mind through  vocal sounding. It gives you the space to sound all of who you are, feel and experience. Soul voice® opens the way for further personal and professional development by liberating self-imposed limitations.

Discover Your
Unique Voice


"The Human Voice is the most Powerful and effective of all instruments, because it has soul and higher consciousness. Virtually every known indigenous culture has used the healing power of sound medicine for eons, practising and honouring sound as the fundamental creative force of the universe. Everything is made up of vibration and frequency. we are held together by sonic resonance, and each part of our body has its own sonic vibration. Therefore, any part of a person which is out of balance (experienced as pain, fatigue, distress or hurt) can respond effectively to healing with sound. From simple discomforts to deep-rooted problems, sound  simply heals...Quantum physics tells us that the whole universe is made up of vibrational fields of energy. Recent research by a team of Danish scientists shows that our nerves do not transmit electricity, but they in fact transmit sound: thus sound frequencies are embedded in our nervous systems. each individual human being has their own unique frequency that will vary depending on our emotional, mental and physical state of being." Karina Schelde, Expression to Freedom 


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Take Back Your

Soul Voice® is an effective way of regaining your personal power. Many of us through life circumstance begin to live outside ourselves, the opinions and views of others consciously or unconsciously begin to shape the way we live our lives. The Soul Voice® method is a journey that will awaken you to your very core, releasing you from limited beliefs and empowering you to live life fully.Your voice will be your guide.

Why Sound?


Soul Voice® allows you to connect with your mind, body and spirit. Issues may arise in your mental, physical and spiritual bodies when you suppress your emotions and live outside your natural rhythm. Soul Voice® practices teach you to:



    Express yourself authentically


    Live life in tune with your       natural rhythm

    Stay connected and present in      each  moment


    Live consciously 


    ​Live your passion






Listening is one of the most important senses we possess. When things are turbulent in our lives the most effective way to reach harmony within is to slow down, breathe and listen.Soul Voice® sessions and workshops teach your entire being to be a listening ear, making you an effective communicator.


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