Dorianne Daniels ~ Mukulu

Credited Soul Voice® Practitioner and Authorised Soul Voice® Teacher​

International Institute of Complimentary Therapist Registered Member

Dorianne Daniels ~ Mukulu has found her unique vocation of working with people as a sound therapist and is an undergraduate studying BA Psychological Science to compliment the work she currently provides. Dorianne's passion is teaching people from all walks of life and abilities how to use their voice to empower themselves, so that they can create positive change from the inside out!

Dorianne has 6 years of training in the Soul Voice® Method, firstly as a Credited Soul Voice® Practitioner and more recently as an Authorised Soul Voice® Teacher. Her journey into sound began in 2010. Her  training has taught her how to be a grounded and present individual, capable of holding space for others to unfold. 

Dorianne's skills to empower and support you in both her individual sessions and in her group facilitation are excellent.  You can trust that when you employ Dorianne ~ Mukulu's services you have engaged a professional who will guide you at your pace with respect, honesty and integrity. Mukulu's Song has a strict privacy and confidentiality policy.

Dorianne has extensive experience in the Disability sector and provided 20 years of support to people living with a disability and their families. Dorianne has a broad knowledge base of the NDIS and if you would like to incorporate any of the services you find on Mukulu's Song through your NDIS funding, Dorianne would be more than happy to work alongside you and your Support Coordinator or LAC. 
      If you are a person with a disability, you will love Dorianne's classes, individual sessions and workshops, because they are fun and empowering. Friday Night Soundscapes class caters for all abilities and ages. It allows you to engage with your creative self and move and express yourself as the unique individual that you are, while learning new skills that will build your self esteem, support you to regulate your emotions and allow your body and mind to relax. This is a wonderful innovative group class that will allow you to meet new people and expand your social network!

Dorianne has great knowledge of the challenges that can arise in the personal and professional lives of people who are affected by stress and burn out, Particularly those working in the health and community services sector. If you are affected by burn out or stress, Dorianne will give you practical skills and personalised support to assist you back to a state of balance, so that you can live the life you want now.


Dorianne also offers support to Carers. Having been a carer for years with family members herself, she also understands the unique challenges that affect people who are caring for loved ones. It is well researched and documented that Carers are often locked into the stress response, which takes it's toll on their nervous system.

       No matter who you are it is vital to your overall health and well being that you consciously engage your relaxation response, that will teach your sympathetic and parasympathetic  nervous system to disengage the habitual stress response when it is not appropriate, so that you can rejuvenate your being on every level.

Dorianne's individual sessions will teach you step by step how to relax and train your mind to be softer, gentler and quieter. Dorianne's individual sessions are deeply relaxing and restorative.