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Mukulu's Song Classes

Weekly classes to nourish your being. Practice the art of relaxation as you surrender to sound. Learn how to use your voice as a healing instrument.

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2 Day Soul Voice® Introduction Workshop

Unleash the Power of your Voice

During the 2 Day Soul Voice®  Introduction Workshop, Dorianne  Daniels, Founder of Mukulu's Song will support you to soften the voice of your inner critic that may hold you back from expressing yourself authentically in daily life.

Every individual on this planet has a healing voice, that is as unique to them as their fingerprint. During the 2 Day Workshop you will be immersed in exercises that will allow you to soar to your highest of heights and deepest depths. 

What you will experience:

  • You will learn how your emotional body can be a conduit to set yourself and your vocal range free. 

  • Learn the magic of overtone singing/sounding

  • Connect with your primal self to foster a healthy and positive relationship with anger

  • Release your inhibitions and set your inner child free

  • Experience safety and support in a group environment, where each individual present is your teacher and cheerleader

  • Develop greater self acceptance

  • Plus much much more!

This workshop will support you to release  self imposed limitations on every level. 

Check back soon for the next workshop dates to be held in Tasmania and Melbourne.