Journey to Mukulu

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

As a child, I had a feeling deep in my bones. I don't know where it came from or why it was there, or where it began. Still it was there, a feeling deep in my bones. It was my little secret that I never spoke about to another soul. A feeling that I was different. A feeling that I didn't belong. A feeling that I was neither black, nor white and that something about me was just not right. Through the Soul Voice® Journey my Ancestors came to me, in many shades and from many tribes all around the world. But one tribe was closer to me than any other, my African Indigenous Ancestors. When I was 11 years old, my friend and I were at a beach in Phillip Island, Australia. Her Uncle held our hands as we waded in the shallow water, he took us deeper and deeper. The water was waist deep and I could feel the strong current pushing hard against my body, towards the open the ocean. The water that looked so alluring on the beach turned into a strong force that I couldn't fight against. I pleaded with him to stop, to let me go. I didn't feel safe. I struggled against him, but he just laughed and gripped my wrist tighter and continued to pull us further out. I was so scared, the sea was far too powerful and I was not a swimmer. My friend's Uncle realised that we were in trouble and he couldn't get us back to shore. He let us go and apologised for the danger he placed us in. As he swam back to the beach, he yelled out, "I'm sorry, I'll get help".

We were caught in a rip. Waves crashed over our head. It was the longest minutes of our lives. It felt like hours had passed as we struggled to stay afloat, gasping for every bit of air that we could catch. Fortunately a surfer came over and pulled my friend onto his board and took her in, a group of surfers followed him and supported me to shore. Afterwards she told me she saw a circle of black people all around me. I didn't know what to make of it at the time, but now I realise my Ancestors protected me from a very young age and I was completely unaware.

The next time they showed up was when I left my first husband. I had a miscarriage and I blamed myself for not being able to maintain the pregnancy, the only pregnancy in 2 years of trying to conceive. I took all my disappointment, all my self loathing and shame and ran away as fast and as far as I could, from him, from my religion and from the pain in my heart that I didn't want to feel any more.

I was 23 years old and I worked as a Support Worker for people with Disabilities. I walked passed one of my colleagues. I didn't realise she had the gift of sight. We were standing chatting in the lounge room of the unit we were working in. All the residents were out. Suddenly her face drained of colour and she quickly walked out of the room we were standing in. I thought I had said something awful that offended her. When she came back, she composed herself and said "I am sorry but I can see your Ancestor's beside you. They are wearing masks, carrying spears and they're very powerful." She said they're benevolent but intense. "I'm not used to seeing people dressed like that." I beamed as she told me. It confirmed that I belonged to a tribe. It also confirmed that Mumma Africa flowed in my blood!

Years passed and the story faded. I had a new relationship and I was in a new phase of my life. I was learning who I was and who I wasn't, through more mistakes, more heartbreaks and more suffering. I decided it was time to change the alcohol fuelled life I led and find out - Who is Dorianne Daniels? I found a leaflet at an event "Unleash the Power of Your Voice" it read, "Learn to use your voice as a healing instrument". I knew I would go all the way with this powerful method, I didn't know how I would get the money to complete the training, I just knew I had to do it! I began Soul Voice® training with the Founder, Karina Schelde in 2010. I attended her 2 Day Soul Voice® Introduction workshop. I felt completely out of my depth. I had so much fear and insecurity in my expression and in my voice that most of the exercises were challenging for me. It wasn't until the 5 Day Sound Initiation retreat that I found my soul's true voice. It was my turn to receive a sound healing from a colleague. I laid back, relaxed and received. I let go so completely that there was nothing else but sound and my inner world. To this day it was the most powerful sound journey of my life. I didn't know if I had my eye's open or if they were still closed. To my left I saw my Ancestors and striding alongside me was my Power Animal. I experienced a coming home and an initiation into self that I never knew possible.

Over the years training in the Soul Voice® method my Ancestors continued showing up and speaking to me in various ways. Following the Practitioner training I attended the Advanced Leadership and Supervision training. At my individual supervision I had the most amazing experience, where I embodied my Ancestors, instead of experiencing them as beings outside of myself, I experienced them as they actually were, living consciousness in my very cells! I allowed them to speak and sound through me. It was yet another awakening on a whole other level! I stated to my colleague's that I wished I had a tribal name. My dear colleague responded, before you go to bed ask your Ancestors for your name. I did just that. In the morning I quickly wrote down the name that I saw in my dream, written on a piece of paper - Mukulu. I had never heard the name Mukulu before and when I arrived home from training, the first thing I did was google Mukulu's meaning. My google search revealed that the name was reserved for a child that would be the elder in the community. Not long after coming home I had a dream. I walked along a beautiful green landscape and in front of me was the most magnificent waterfall, I have ever seen. Above the waterfall the full moon shone brightly and the most astonishing thing occurred, a rainbow appeared over the waterfall. What a sight it was to behold. When I woke up, I knew this place was real and once again - thanks to technology- I google searched "rainbow at night over waterfall." There is one place on Earth that this phenomenon takes place, at the Victorian Falls, Zambia. I researched this part of Africa and in the past, part of Zambia was named Mukulu! I am in absolute reverence and honour of my Ancestors, past, present and future. Who guide me every day of my life and who are always with me. Though I may not see them, I hear them in my sound. I feel them in my heart, soul and bones. I am grateful to my Teacher Karina Schelde, who has guided me step by step into deeper and ever more powerful processes through the training to become a Credited Soul Voice® Practitioner and Authorised Soul Voice® Teacher. I broke through the old programmings and beliefs that laid in my bones. Today I no longer hold the separation, sadness of disconnection, insecurity or trauma that stemmed from cellular memory that was unmet and unheard. Through my own sounding I have held all of who I am the white, yellow, red, brown and black parts of me that cried out to be owned and loved back into wholeness. I feel whole knowing that I come from not only the black race but from the four corner's of the Earth. I am a Rainbow Warrior of light, love and sound.

Many people, unconsciously hold inter-generational trauma in their body, like me some turn to alcohol and other addictions, or self-sabotaging mechanisms in the desperate fight to feel connected and take them away from the deep feeling in the pit of their tummy that something isn't right, that they don't belong. Today I work with many people who have forgotten that they have a tribe always beside them, always guiding them. Their tribe is not outside themselves but already in their cells waiting to be reclaimed, longing for their stories and wisdom to be remembered and ancient knowledge to be heard.

Every individual, regardless of their race, has the ability to access ancient remembrance that lives inside their cells. The simplest, most profound and empowering way to access your ancient remembrance is to find a clear path, through your very own voice! Your voice will guide you. All you need is a teacher who has been there, that can train you and guide you back.

If you would like to be guided back to your ancient remembrance through your voice, it is a step by step process that I would be honoured to explore with you. Let's awaken to who we truly are together!

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