A new beginning

I resigned my day job one month ago and my last working day was Friday, last week. The first day of my new life started Saturday at the West Moonah Community House with a gifted Psychic, Medium and Spiritual teacher Ioanna Serpanos who faciliated a full day, Medium Mastery Immersion. It was brilliant! Within a few minutes of Ioanna sharing her personal story of how she quit her job and left a good salary to start a new life as a Medium I was in tears. It resonated so deeply within me as I am also called to follow my guidance and create soulful projects that have been tugging at my being, making it impossible to do anything else but follow my calling.

During the practical part of the Medium Immersion I discovered that I have developed all 8 of my clair senses and that I am a natural Medium, which was confirmed by Ioanna. I have never considered a career in Mediumship before. One reason was that in the past the communication line with departed people has not always run at 100%. I used to be a beacon for departed people, and to be honest as a young person I was scared of my gifts, the fear was brought in from my parents whose Christian beliefs prevented them from understanding and valuing my talent that I displayed from a very young age. I grew up with no training or framework that supported the communication I was receiving from the other realms, which left me feeling confused, isolated and anxious about my natural abilities.

When I trained in the Soul Voice® method as a sound healer, I was taught to connect with the highest and purest vibration, which allowed me to tune out anything on a lower frequency and so I stopped being a beacon for anything that resonated lower than Source frequency. Source frequency is imperative for healing work and for that work I must stay plugged into the highest frequency. I understand now, for me to fulfil all my potentials it is equally important that I follow my calling and be the conduit for Spirit on the Astral plane so that I can be the Medium that my ancestors have called me to be. The timing of the reclaiming of my whole self could not be more perfect. Through the Soul Voice® method I learned to be a grounded and clear channel for the divine which has set a foundation for me to accomplish the work as a Medium in a safe, grounded and contained way so that the people receiving a Medium session are hearing the clearest messages and insights.

The other and most important reason that I didn't consider a career in Mediumship is that I know all the answers are within you and I would prefer to support you to unravel your gold, to clear the blockages that have kept you separated from hearing Spirit. My guidance has revealed to me that keeping both streams open gives people the opportunity to access what they need, when they need it. It is not for me to say how to best unravel your gold and open the door to your potentials.

I am reminded of my first reading, many years ago, it was actually my first step into unlocking all my inner potentials. So I am going to have faith and trust in the divine and follow this one through! Who knows how many young Dorianne's will come through my door and find their true life calling, or find comfort or information that will support people to open up in new ways, with open minds and hearts, now that I am available for Spirit to speak.

So from today forward, not only can you book in for a powerful healing in one of my Soul Voice® sessions, you can also book a reading, if that calls to you. I have been asked to get my Practitioner hours up so for a limited time I am charging half price readings, which is only $20 for 30 minutes, in person and long distance readings are available. You can create a package and tag a reading onto a sound bath or Soul Voice® session, if you like. How exciting now I am not only reminding you of your unique voice that wants to be heard and expressed but I am also giving Spirit a voice!

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon, Unsplash

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