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Soul Voice® Session

Soul Voice® is a holistic and creative therapy. Each session is tailored to meet your unique needs. In your first session you can expect to gain an understanding of what the Soul Voice® method is and you will be guided in a deeply nurturing sound bath.

If you would like to consciously work on a particular issue, it is highly recommended that you attend 5-10 sessions to allow you to understand the root cause of the issue and in some cases more sessions are required.

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: $100

Available on Skype and other media - choose online option in the purchase option.

Couple Sound Bath

A wonderful experience to share with your beloved. I've had couple sound baths that have consisted of Mother and Daughter and romantically involved couples but it is open to anyone you want to share this divine experience with. This is a truly special gift to hear the sound frequency of the ethereal bonds that link and draw you together and also to share a magical and unique experience that you will both always remember and treasure.

Duration: 45 minutes

Cost: $75

Available on Skype and other media - choose online option in the purchase option.

Sound bath

This is a deeply nurturing experience that allows you to hear your unique frequency. It is restorative on every level and you will leave feeling very relaxed. This session is perfect to fit into your lunch break!

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: $50

Available on Skype and other media - choose online option in the purchase option.

Mukulu's Song Gift Vouchers

Gift your loved ones with a Mukulu's Song gift voucher for a truly unique experience

Nature Sound Immersion

Besides your own voice, nature is another healer that is always available. Mukulu's Song provides Nature Sound Immersions that allow you to journey in your own organic rhythm and flow, as you connect to nature and soar and expand in your own healing and wisdom voice.


Packages start from 2.5 hour sessions to full day sound-quests, overnight or weekly retreats can also be arranged upon request. 
Co-create a package with Mukulu's Song that will suit your individual needs.  Couple and group bookings are welcome. 

Spirit Messages Mediumship 

Dorianne is a natural conduit for Spirit and has been in communication with Spirit all her life. Through the Soul Voice® method Dorianne has become a grounded and clear channel for the divine, in all forms to speak. Dorianne has channelled Spirit through her healing sessions for a decade and she is now available to channel readings through Mediumship. For a limited time all sessions are $20 for 30 minutes. To request a booking please purchase your booking from the purchases tab above and Dorianne will be contact with available session times. 

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