Workshops and Live Performance

2 Day Soul Voice® Introductory Workshop

25/4/2020 - 26/4/2020

Unlock your innate healing voice! This workshop is designed for everyone who has a voice and particularly for those who may have lost it along the way. Regardless of what your voice sounds like, whether you use your voice professionally as a singer, speaker, actor or not or if you have an interest in using your voice to it's fullest potential as a healing instrument. 

Everyone will benefit from learning the technique's in this 2 Day Workshop. 

the 2 Day workshop is a pre-request for those interested in becoming a Professional Soul Voice® Practitioner and Teacher. You must complete the Practitioner level training before you can use any of the technique's taught from any of the Soul Voice® workshops. 



Soul Voice® Sound Circle


Soul Voice® Sound Circle for those who have attended the 2 Days Soul Voice® workshop is held every second Saturday of the month, from 10am-12pm. 



Mukulu's Sound Journey

Every Month at 2 locations

Mukulu's Sound Journey is an offering that will support you to come back to your organic rhythm and out of the stress response. You will be supported to deeply relax through breath and a guided meditation before you completely let go and surrender through a vocal sound bath. 

Mukulu's Sound Journey is held once per month at Alceme. Everything you need is provided but to enhance your relaxation please bring your own cushion and journal to note any insights that may come up for you during this deeply nourishing sound bath. see Alceme website to book your place

Mukulu's Sound Journey is held at Primrose Sands once per month. What to bring: Journal, Water, Cushion, Blanket and Yoga mat. Yoga mat can be proviced if needed, please ask Mukulu to reserve one.



Sacred Sound Class

Every Month at 2 locations

This class teaches you to:

  • Release Stress and Tension

  • Come back to your natural rhythm

  • Find the soul of your voice

  • Build confidence and self esteem

  • And touch the divine within through your sacred sound

Sacred Sound class is held once per month to book your place at Alceme, 6 Victoria St, Hobart visit


Sacred Sound class is held once per month at Primrose Sands Community Centre, 570 Primrose Sands Rd, Primrose Sands 



Wild Spirit 

Workshop and Sacred Performance


Dorianne Daniels ~ Mukulu and Abby Gilbert will guide you through sound and movement to let go of any restrictions that hold you back from fully expressing you. You will be taken on a journey to the depth of your core, where there is emptiness, stillness and vast space and from that place you will come back to your original essence, your original song and dance.

Wild Spirit will then take you on a journey through Sacred Performance, where you will be immersed in the magic of sound and dance that comes from the void, the nothingness and expansiveness where all existence begins, in the unknown.



5 Day Advanced Sound Initiation

21st - 25th November 2020

More details to come!



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